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Friday, December 2, 2011

Engineering: Soil liquefaction and earthquakes

One of the most severe impacts of earthquakes is soil liquefaction. After having watched a program at NatGEO, I remembered I had this short video on a physical model that I recorded during an Engineering Fair in Tohoku, Japan, back in 2006. The small tubes in the model are manholes. Learn, enjoy while watching the experiment, and find out how harmful liquefaction can be.

Liquefaction.- A phenomenon in which the strength and stiffness of a soil is reduced by earthquake shaking or other rapid loading.
Copyrights: All material posted is copyrighted under the conditions detailed under the tab "about this blog". The engineers who were in charge of explaining the model during the fair allowed me to upload the video as long as it is used for educational purposes. It must not be distributed for commercial purposes. All their work is patented. Any comments please mail the manager of this blog.

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