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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Earthquake engineering: Oil dampers

Ingeniería de sismos
Another sample of the advanced technology used in Japanese buildings (according to my friend, an earthquake engineer, Japanese technology is at the top in the world!!). This is a scale model of an oil damper, used to "articulate" buildings as a countermeasure against earthquakes. The cost? According to the engineers, the installation cost for a skyscraper in Tokyo was expected to be about 220 million USD (hope I am not missing some zeros). This short video is a sample taken from the Tohoku Fair.

Copyrights: All material posted is copyrighted under the conditions detailed under the tab "about this blog". The engineers who were in charge of explaining the model during the fair allowed me to upload the video as long as it is used for educational purposes. It must not be distributed for commercial purposes. All their work is patented. Any comments please mail the manager of this blog.

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