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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How is this blog organized?

¿Cómo está organizado este blog?

Due to the amount and variety of material I plan to post, I have organized this blog in four parts:

1. Aqua LED: The contributions show a small part of what me and some friends do/ used to do in our free time.

You may notice that only the tab "After the quake" and the "Feeds" (tabs below the Blog Title) of the other three other parts of the blog (described below) are being updated.

Please visit the links provided below whenever the Feeds show new material.

2. Aqua LED: Methods & Ideas: Some methods and techniques I review during my free time.

3. Aqua LED: Tutorials & Manuals: Some tutorials on methods, techniques, and the use of software I review during my free time.

4. Aqua LED: WEB resources: Resources and other stuff over the web that I review during my free time.

Why the name Aqua LED? Aqua LED is a group aimed to carry research and provide education to people interested in the field of civil and environmental engineering (principally, water science). The group is still in formation, which is expected to be accomplished by 2012. The name is taken from the Latin "aqua" (water), and LED which stands for Life, Education and Discovery. The term LED may also be interpreted as the source of energy that guides our journey (the similarities are not coincidental and are intended by the author). Thus, the name of our group defines the kind of activities we will pursue.

Hope to hear from you if there is any comment or suggestion.

Aqua LED.

PD. ¿Porqué escribo en inglés? La razon principal es que, desde mi punto de vista, una gran parte de la gente en instituciones universitarias en Latino América y España es capaz de leer en idioma inglés; lo inverso es menos común. Así pretendo llegar a mas gente. Una razón similar justifica el hecho de haber utilizado el término "aqua", en ves de escribir agua o water. En cualquier caso, introduje herramientas de traducción de Google para facilitar la lectura en otros idiomas. Es posible que tenga errores, principalmente en el uso de artículos.

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