By water resources engineers; favorite quote: "to report your observations does not qualify for research"-My sensei-

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Welcome everybody

We are up to solve everything...nothing can stop us!!!  

It is the attitude that will possess you after finishing your postgraduate studies at any field. Throughout this blog I wish to keep my motivation up by sharing my interests and the experiences of my friends with the community.

History of this site:

I began posting here back in 2010, by sharing some videos of the technical meetings that me and my friends used to have, while pursuing our graduate courses in water resources, coastal engineering and disaster management at Tohoku Dai in Sendai (one of the best universities of Japan!). The guys in the picture are the ones with whom I first shared my journey with. The aim then was to encourage individuals at other universities to share their interests with the community. But we are too busy!!!!, is what several used to reply...we proposed a simple way to overcome it: record your discussions. The advantages: No time invested, and what is more important, we can all learn from each other.

Later in 2011, after a series of events, I decided to return to South America, following a dream of funding a research group (perhaps a foundation?). Me and my partner in life (she is the manager of the Aqua LED en castellano blog) named the initiative as AquaLED; we updated this site and created few more to put some order to the contents posted. We took the latin word "Aqua" because we believed that such word is universally understood regardless the language...LED would stand for the light source that illuminates the path towards our research interests (Life, Education, re-search & Discovery). AquaLED was a group of Hydro-environmental modelers, who´s aim was to become a privately funded research group in South America (the only one in my country!). Later, a week before its launch, funds were removed and everything returned to the point were all began.

Now in 2012, we are re-structuring our initiative, changed the name to "Beyond H2O & env.".

Returning to our home region (I refuse to say that we belong to a single country), has reminded us that re-adaptation is quite tough, but our dream is alive and will not die! Our paths have encountered the paths of others with similar dreams and the foundation is back on its way. The name of our foundation may change but the aim and hopes are always the same: to contribute to the development and well being of our people.

Thus, this blog has evolved from being a portal to show what me and my friends used to present as part of our graduate courses, into some kind of diary of me and my life partner. Now I have split it into 5 parts, where we write some articles (in English and Spanish) and do some tutorials as well (please check out the right column for snapshots).

Hope you all enjoy it!

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