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After the quake

Some links on information related, derived and born from the March 11th earthquake. The links are aimed to provide as serious as possible info (latest news posted: August 26th, 2011)..

March 9th foreshock should have led to Big One alert. (June 2nd, 2011), according to the opinion of a faculty member of Tohoku University. Worth to be discussed.

On the management of other power plants, under the scenario of a probable future large event:
Shut down being considered for Fukushima No.2 (May 8th, 2011)
Kan's request to suspend nuclear plant lacks legal basis, in reference to Hamaoka plant(May 8th, 2011)
Chubu Electric OKs Hamaoka shutdown, the shutdown is planned during a period after which countermeasures are well planned(May 9th, 2011)
Hamaoka to get seawalls of 18 meters: Towards the Tokai earthuake (July 22nd, 2011)

On Fukushima
Data: Critical damage to the Fukushima 1 reactor might have been caused by the quake rather than by the tsunami (May 15th, 2011).
Internal radiation exposure found on 15 persons in Fukushima (June 27th, 2011).
Fukushima rice tests show no contamination (Aug 26th, 2011)  

On the effects of distant earthquakes
Big Quakes Trigger Small Quakes:
,Seismologists Find Large Earthquakes Can Trigger Smaller Ones In Unlikely Locations(Dec 1st, 2008)
Microearthquakes observed in California after the ocurrence of the Chilean Feb 2010 earthquake,(May 1st, 2011)

The nuclear concerns in other countries
German nuclear installations to close by 2022 (May 30th 2012). After long time something interesting on the topic.

Seismologic activity around the Central Andes:
Does the Central Andean Backarc Have the Potential for a Great Earthquake?,(May 9th, 2011)

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