By water resources engineers; favorite quote: "to report your observations does not qualify for research"-My sensei-

Our CV (2005-2013)

Hello, I have joined the CVs of me and my partner in life into one. We are civil engineers, majored at hydrology, sanitary engineering, hydro-environmental modeling, and pedagogics. Here is a resume of what we have produced (with the collaboration of several people and mentors):


2010   Streamflow and runoff responses to climate change in high elevation watersheds (abstract) (pdf-private).
2008   A computational programme for the design of sanitary landfills.
2007   Parameters of a Distributed Hydrological Model in Ungauged Basins (ppt) (pdf-private).
2004   Bachelor. Rainfall runoff models for water resources evaluation (draft).

Journal papers

*Streamflow source areas investigation through uncertainty evaluation, DOI: 10.1002/hyp.8304. (abstract)
*Potential effects of climate change in the tropical Andes, JSCE.(ppt)
*Effects of El Niño Event on Glacier Melting Rate, JSCE. (ppt)
*Predictive uncertainty in distributed rainfall-runoff models, JSCE. (ppt)

Book chapters


*Relevance of the uncertainty in evapotranspiration inferences for surface water balance projections in mountainous catchments. IAHS Publ. 360. (abstract)
*Uncertainty investigation of glacier melt discharge predictions. IAHS Publ. 346. (abstract) (book) (preview) (ppt)
*Effect of land use change on discharge rate. CRC Press. (preview) (book) (ppt)
*Sensitivity Analysis of Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Models. Advances in Water Resources & Hydraulic Engineering, Springer. (abstract - preview) (book) (ppt)

Congress, seminars and symposiums

*Uncertainty analysis of water balance in the Andes. JSCE (ppt) (paper-private).

*Flow routing on rock-bed mountainous watersheds. Suibun-Tokyo (pdf)
*Climate Change Effects on Discharge Generation. 17th IAHR-APD (ppt).
*Effect of Leachete From Sanitary Landfills in the Pollution of Lakes and Rivers. 17th IAHR-APD (ppt).
*Variations of the albedo due to climate change in the Andes. JSCE (ppt).
*Glacier Runoff Modelling by Linear Reservoirs. JSCE. (ppt)
*Climate Change Effects on Glacier Area and Vegetation. 7th ISE &amp. (ppt)
*Sensitivity indices for the prediction of ungauged basins. JSCE.(ppt)
*Streamflow characteristics in poorly gauged basins, JSCE. (full paper)
*Distributed model parameter estimation in heterogeneous regions, 32nd IAHR (poster)
*Water Rights and water allocation in the Andes, 3rd APHW (full paper)
*Rainfall-runoff modeling response by using input data with variable resolution, 3rd APHW (full paper)
*Rainfall runoff models (in Spanish), 1st congress Hugo Mansilla Romero, unpublished.

Note. The cited documents are copyrighted; however, I think I am allowed to provide their drafts, for academic purposes. Mail me if you wish to read my papers, indicating your name and the use intended and I may send you the docs. And please, include the respective cite if my work has been useful.

*Hydro-glaciological modeling; 
*water resources consulting; 
*research assistance; 
*design and supervision of civil structures;
*design and supervision of small structures for irrigation;
*Andean wetland hydrology.

Other activities 2005-2011

*Teaching assistance (TU); 
*Foreign languages teaching assistance (TOP);  
*Supporting non-profit associations (M)

To my fellow teachers: Remember this picture?
My life before 2005: I almost do not remember it!        

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